Designed as a multi-purpose surf / SUP essential, The Board Horse is the most versatile and fundamental accessory in a water-mans arsenal. Sturdy to accommodate the shaper enthusiast, mobile enough for quick wax ups at the beach, and compact to store multiple boards. Crafted in Southern California, The Board Horse is sustainably produced while harnessing the highest quality materials nature has to offer.


The Board Horse: $150

3/4" Marine Ply ~ 4' Trestle ~ Best suited for shaping boards and larger boards


The Travel Board Horse: $120

1/2" Marine Ply ~ 3' Trestle ~ Best suited for short boards and travel


The SUP Board Horse $170

3/4" Marine Ply ~ 4' Trestle ~ Able to store boards up to 33" wide on the sides

Board Horse

  • The board horse holds three plus boards and can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of seconds due to interlocking joints that takes three pieces of marine plywood and makes them your favorite way to show off your board.